How to use ChatGPT in Laravel.

 How to use ChatGPT in Laravel. -->
How to use ChatGPT in Laravel.

To use ChatGPT in Laravel, you can follow these steps:

1. Install the `openai/openai` package via Composer using the following command:

ChatGPT in Laravel

2. Create a new controller by running the following command:

ChatGPT in Laravel

3. In the `ChatController` class, import the necessary classes:

ChatGPT in Laravel

4. In the `index` method of the `ChatController` class, initialize a new instance of the `OpenAI` class with your OpenAI API key:

ChatGPT in Laravel

5. Call the `complete` method of the `OpenAI` class with the appropriate parameters to generate a response from ChatGPT:

ChatGPT in Laravel

This code assumes that you have a view named `index.blade.php` with a variable named `$message` that displays the response from ChatGPT. You may need to adjust this code to fit your specific use case.

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